Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Computer 101 Class tonight

Hi-  If you are attending the Computer Class tonight-we have had to change locations for this First Class. Tonight the class will be at the Elim Cafe,   561 W Dimond Blvd  (Dimond and Artic on the north side).  It will start at 7pm as planned. Sorry for the short notice and inconvenience.
See you there.

Monday, February 14, 2011

It's with February's dead weight upon us, the body in a rebellious stance craving sun and movement, color, and warmth, I realize the vital importance of art, of all kinds, in all forms.
My palette explodes with vibrant colors, as if I can bring Spring into my window's view if I get the right combination, as if maybe it will show up sooner...
The Upstairs Studio provides a shelter away from the gray. A burst of vital breath to the soul, not only as a physical place to come to paint and create, but as a sacred space to gather our "tribe", a coming together, a community of ideas, of understanding, of celebration, and of honoring the creative spirit. I did not get the true value of this until this morning's epiphany, that this space, collectively created, has become so much more than it's walls and paint. It is an ever growing, evolving, changing life form, fastly becoming a pillar in the Anchorage art community. It's a warm welcome, with big warm hugging arms, a reassuring pulse like a slow beating heart, beckoning the soul to come in, stay a while...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Carol Lambert's First Friday Demo

Last Friday Carol did an all-day painting demonstration in the Upstairs Studio Gallery. This series of photos shows her step by step progress.

This is also the basic sequence she will guide you through in her weekend workshops on classical still life technique. There is still room in the workshops coming up on the next 2 weekends, and beginners are welcome. There are also classes planned in March, April, and May. Please contact her at info@carollambertarts.com if you are interested.

This is the set-up. These are funky found object, donated by friends. They just seemed to be comfortable together.

Here is the block-in for the composition.

At this stage Carol is figuring out the values, the darks and lights of the composition.

Now a bit of color comes into the picture. This is known as the "first color pass." The color is put on thinly, because more paint will go on top.

This is the painting at the end of the evening. Carol says it isn't quite finished, she wants to clean up a few details, but the painting is almost there!

Her classes take place at Upstairs Studio on Saturdays and Sundays, twice a month, through May.

Monday, February 7, 2011

March Mini Art Challenge

Our Art Challenge for March is to create a mini piece of art to be displayed for March First Friday.  We had supports to give out last First Friday, but if you didn't make it and want to participate don't let that stop you.

Basically there are 3 rules for the Art Challenge:
1. Art should be 6" x6" or smaller
2. Should be ready to Hang on a Wall
3. Get it to us by March 2

 (they can be for sale or not-you choose)

There is an Art Intake form that you will need to submit with your Art. You can find it by following the link below.
March Mini Art Intake Form

This should be a fun diversion to help the last long nights of winter pass. We will have the Mini's on display during our First Friday opening on March 4 from 5-9.

Friday, February 4, 2011

February First Friday/Nathan Perry

Nathan Perry is our guest Artist this Feb 4. His intricate works in graphite, ink and on scratchboard are a great reason to come up the stairs to Upstairs Studio tonight.

Nathan Perry Artist Statement:
During the summer of 1994 while touring the glorious countryside of Holland and Belgium on a used Schwinn bicycle I purchased for ten Dutch guilders (or $4.50 American), I intuitively received a powerful vision of a painting entitled "The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb". The artwork is a very detailed religious narrative painted in 1432 by Northern Renaissance artist Jan Van Eyke. Not giving the mental picture too much thought, I left the city of Antwerp to go to Gent, Belgium. The closer I drew to the township however, the more intense the picture became. As I entered the city center, a row of cathedrals greeted me. One in particular, beckoned me to enter. As I did, the painting I had been thinking about was now physically in front of me. I can remember being ensconced by the care in the brushwork, attention to detail and the gem like colors that seemed to glow from an internal light source. The experience was mystical and effected my artistic direction immensely. I knew right then that I was to follow my passion for art and make it my life’s work.

I create elaborate drawings and paintings emulating the techniques of the masters. This great art from the past has an everlasting quality that remains fresh to contemporary eyes. My subject matter is fashioned after its figurative, natural, and iconography content. By depicting these themes, I try to express that life is much more than what we have become accustomed to in the physical world.  There is an infinite world that transcends what we see around us and reveals a deeper meaning to life. The production of art is a therapeutic experience which drives me to go deep into my consciousness. The process of creation is as necessary to me as the overall finished composition. I learn such a great deal about my mind’s potential during a picture’s development.

 Sneak Preview-It's a great show

 Detail of Ink Drawing

Another detail of Drawing

Sorry for the glare spots from the glass in photos-more information about Nathan can be found on his website.

That's not all the happenings tonight-

We will be kicking off our next Artist Challenge-"March Mini's". You can sign up and get the information tonight from 5-9.  If you can't make it and are interested-watch the blog as we will post how you can participate if you were not able to make it to First Friday and want to participate.

Carol Lambert will doing another demo tonight too-her oil painting still life demo was quite popular last month. You can see some of her process and get inspired and sign up for her painting classes.

These are a few of the many art filled reasons to "Come on Up" to 
Upstairs Studio tonight, Feb 4 from 5-9pm. Our Studio Artist also have their ever changing works on display and for sale also.

See you there!