Friday, January 28, 2011

Photos from Carol Lambert's Classical Oil Painting Classes

These pictures show how the students in Carol's oil still life class worked through several steps to create a still life painting. Thanks to students Adam, Bill, Deborah, Katie and Susan for letting us use these photos to show you how the classes are organized.

Students learn about how to set up a still life, and how to take advantage of some of the particular qualities and beauties of oil paint. Everyone makes a preliminary color study, a monochrome underpainting, and a finished painting.

Here is Susan, with her monochrome underpainting set to one side while she mixes paint for her color study. The class was very enthusiastic about learning how to mix accurate colors.

Katie is beginning her color study in this photo.

Katie carefully matches her colors to her subject matter by mixing on the palette.

And having finished her color study, she is working on her final painting.

Here is Deborah, also applying color over her underpainting.

Here is Susan again. She has finished her color study, so now she can apply what she learned about mixing colors to her final painting. She is painting over her monochrome underpainting.

Here is Adam, working in color over his underpainting.

Here is, from left to right, Bill's finished painting, color study, and set-up.

Some of the students had previous painting experience, but few had worked in oils, and no one had taken instruction in classical technique. This class is open to all levels, and, as you can see, everyone worked hard and did excellent work.

Carol will be teaching two classes a month through May. The next classes will be on February 12/13 and 19/20. To learn more or to register, contact her at


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Darla, bless her, has been updating the blog sola these past months, exhorting the rest of the gang to contribute. So here I am 6:58 am with cup of coffee seeing if this magic works. Thanks for all you do, Darla!

Friday, January 21, 2011


Yesterday the Studios were quiet-but busy.  There was an underlying creative buzz with artists focused and creating. After the initial chatter and catching up with each other everyone there got to work. Not even music playing-just creative minds spinning.

Katie was working on some polymer clay wine charms-watch for them here at Upstairs Studio and at Back Alley Arts (inside Grape Expectations-510  6th Avenue, Anchorage). Sioux stopped in after her work shift to work on a couple new paintings-one of them an intriguing goddess she has been planning for a while. While Carol wasn't there in person-her still life and partially completed painting  in her shared studio was still full of her energy. Erin was working on a totem puppet and Darla (myself) was working on a totem painting-we are collaborating for a future display of these together. It was a productive and inspiring afternoon in the Art Studios.

 Katie working on wine charms

 Katie's colors

 Sioux getting a bit of work done

Planning and first layers of Goddess painting

Carol's still life

Erin working on Totem Puppet

 Busy hands

Beginning stages of totem painting

Even the materials are a work of Art!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Classes, Classes, Classes

We are excited to announce our first formal listing of Art Classes at Upstairs Studio. You can learn to paint in classic Oils, fuse glass, make fused silver rings or have your child learn to draw and paint at the Studios.

Sioux Blackledge is offering Children's Art Classes.  The class is for 4th-6th grade ages. They will learn art theory, drawing and painting. Supplies are included.  Classes are on Tuesday afternoons. She is a dedicated and prolific artist who connects well with children. She is a dedicated mom of a 2 year old herself.

Still Life Oil Painting is being taught by Carol Lambert. She is planning these as two day classes over weekends. You can take one weekend and then build on your advancing skills by taking more of
her weekend classes. She is limiting enrollment to 10 students to ensure individual attention for all students.  She has classes planned for 2 weekends a month through May. More about Carol at

Julie Rabung of 3 Dog Designs is planning classes on Fused Glass and Silver Wire Fusing. The fused glass class will be an introduction to the art of fused glass with projects being pendants and earrings.
In the Silver Wire fusing you will make a set of 3 fused and hammered rings. You can learn a new Craft and make yourself of someone else some gifts at the same time.

Life Drawing is ongoing on Wednesday evenings. It is not formally instructed, but is a great opportunity to learn from other artists and sharpen your drawing skills.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year New Artist

This First Friday you will have some great opportunities at Upstairs Studio. You can tour the Studios meet a new Artist and see the Prayer Flags from our latest Artist Challenge.

Join us in welcoming our new Studio Artist- Carol Lambert. Lambert is a classical oil painter with a modern vision. She paints beautifully rendered realistic still life paintings and emotive plein air scenes. Coming from a history of accomplished artists, she continues her family tradition.

Carol is planning on a live painting demonstration this first Friday for her debut at Upstairs Studio. It will be a great chance to see her in action. She has painting classes in the works, you can get first chance to sign up with her this Friday. She brings  a wealth of experience and accomplishment and we are proud to have her join the Studio.

More of Carol's work, plein air and drawings.

 You can find out more about Carol Lambert and her life as an Artist at her website and blog.

See you Friday!