Friday, September 2, 2011

September Art Challenge and More

The Studio's Art Challenge for this month is a Plein Air challenge. Plein air means that the art is done on site in the outdoors. The artist is painting from life, often quickly as light and weather changes occur rapidly. Because of this quick approach, plein air works often have a freshness and air of simplicity that is not seen in paintings worked on indoors from photos, sketches or still lifes. Our Challenge was put out to the public last month to make a piece of art or painting "en plein air". The only restriction was on size-no bigger than 16 x 20. The  works will be on display tonight for First Friday at Upstairs Studio.

Artwork by Bailey Way

Tonight we are hosting Guest Artist Janina Simutis, show titled "Life Real and Imagined".

Our newest Studio Artist, Justin Constiniano will be showing his Art in his debut at the Studio.

The Art Studios will be open for touring and you can meet some of the other Upstairs Studio Artists and see their recent works too.

Come on up!