Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Oil Painting Classes, recent and future

Last weekend 5 students got together in Carol Lambert's still life oil painting class, with wonderful results. Each student set up a still life to paint, completed a preliminary drawing, a color study, and a monochrome underpainting. (That's the first day!) Then each student began to apply color, gradually refining the work until the last stage: putting in the highlights and details that really bring the image to life. In the photo above, Dana is working on her monochrome underpainting.

Here is Evelyn beginning to apply color over her monochrome layer.

Marlee, one of our Upstairs Studio artists, is also getting into the first color layer.

Judi is well on her way to completing the painting. This is her first oil painting ever!

Nathan is applying the finishing touches.

Students learned about still life design, how to handle oil paints, basic color theory and practice, good studio habits for safety and efficiency, and how to take the best possible care of materials and brushes.

Everyone did so well, and it is always fun to see how each person arranges the still life objects in an expressive and original way.

A number of Carol's students are getting together to organize a class group, and Carol can put you in touch with them. They are collecting names of people who would like to attend one or more classes at Upstairs Studio, starting in the autumn. These classes are both fun and instructive, and go best when there is a group of at least 5 students: more energy in the room, more ideas to share.

If you are interested getting on the list to take a class, please contact Carol at:

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

First Friday Guest List

It will be a busy and fun evening at Upstairs Studio May 6, 5-9.
Our feature fine artist is Marta Krynytzy, she is making a second appearance as a guest artist at the Studios. Her new show is titled "Windows".  She will be using windows to display her ink and watercolor sketches. You will be able to see fresh views of Alaskan landscapes through her eyes. Her sketches and prints are affordable and charming.

The Fireweed Flutes will be performing from 6:30-8:30. They are a local quartet of flutist with an impressive range of music. We are excited and honored to have them participate in our First Friday.

We will also be showing the Rogers Park Elementary 3rd Grade Class Mask project. The students are all from Mrs. Lederhos's third grade class. Their task was to create a mask of themselves and design them to express their habits of mind strengths. They also made a hand, students were asked to choose an object that would express a goal they were reaching for.

 Upstairs Studio artists will also be displaying their Art and Artisan works. Come on up to our ever changing creative space.